Lemon Cypress Tree – Some Major Uses

One of the most exciting and diverse plants in North America, this native plant can grow over 20 feet tall. It has a unique cone-like shape, and its leaves are light green with lime-green surrounds. The lemon cypress tree is covered in small, fragrant flowers that turn darkish purple before dropping off. Unfortunately, it only blooms for a short time during the Springtime after the tip of the autumn leaf burst finishes developing.

The lemon cypress tree is a beautiful, drought-tolerant shade tree with many different uses. Read on for more information about using this versatile tree in your garden. In addition to being a beautiful specimen, the lemon cypress has many other uses in the park.

It is often used as an ornamental plant and can be pruned at any time of year (though it blooms best when pruned between March and April). It is also used for erosion control and as a windbreak. If you’re interested in using it in your garden, read more about this helpful plant.

Uses of Lemon Cypress Tree –

  1. The lemon cypress can be used as an ornamental tree or large shrub, perfect for screening, accenting walkways or swimming pools, and providing an overall sense of privacy. Unlike most conifers and most other evergreens, the lemon cypress has a thick canopy of branches that hangs down well below the tree’s main trunk. When the tree is pruned to create an open, airy shape, this hanging canopy of components makes it perfect for use as a shady windbreak or to block unwanted views.

  1. The lemon-scented cypress is a valuable wildlife plant. Because of the many different birds and animals that frequent it, this famous ornamental tree is often used as a living fence to keep out unwanted guests.

  1. Lemon cypress is also used to provide a natural windbreak in areas where it tends to blow more than other plants.

  1. Firewood is another use for this exciting tree. Its high resistance to fire makes it an excellent fuel source in areas where fires are a common occurrence.

  1. The foliage of the lemon cypress treeis also frequently used as an essential oil or ingredient in many herbal remedies, including asthma and hay fever treatments, antibacterial skin creams, insect repellents, and more.

  1. Finally, the lemon-scented cypress is a widely-used tree for making furniture and veneers, often harvested from the old-growth trees.

  1. The lemon cypress is also commonly used as a decorative decoy for hunting waterfowl. Its branches are tapped to make a distinctive sound that attracts the birds’ attention.

  1. The lemon-scented cypress is also used to help improve your eyesight. Due to its high vitamin A content, its leaves can be boiled in water and then hardened into ointments or poultices to treat eye diseases.

As you can see, the lemon cypress tree has many uses in your garden. While its beauty is undeniable, its usefulness as a shade tree or ornamental shrub can be just as great. This species is also very drought resistant and thrives in areas that often go through dry spells without losing too much foliage.

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