Is There Different Types Of Candles Available In The Market?

Diwali is the festival of the lights; people love to light candles on this occasion, they are the option that does not harm the environment in any of manner. There is not just a single option of the candle available for the people. A person can select the candle after going through the various types of candles. Now we will discuss and detail the different types of candles:

Tea lights

They are small candles that are available in plastic or aluminum containers with crackle wick. Tealights are known o be 1 inch or 1.5 inches in diameter. It entirely depends on the person and what type of container the person is planning to make the candle. In general, soy or paraffin wax is considered the best option for people.


Votives are somewhat similar to tealights. They are also smaller in size but in taller size as compared to the tealights. People can make this candle on a container about 2 to 3 inches in height and is known to have a diameter of 1.5 inches. Even the peon gave the option to make these kinds of candles in the glass containers.


Pillars are thick and firm cylindrical shape candles that are generally [placed in the free-standing or are placed in the hurricane cylindrical. In general, they are known to ahve2 inches of diameter, but there is variation in the height of the candle. If you have a candle of 2 inches in height, let it burn for a maximum of 2 hours.


As the candle’s name suggests, they are known to be the taper at the top side. Even they are the candles that are tall and slender. These are the candles that cannot stand on their own, they are the option that is placed on the candleholders or the candlesticks.

These are places on the dining table to provide an ambiance to the people. They are generally known to be 6 inches in height.


Container candles are the other form of candles mainly formed by pouring the wax of the candles in the container that a person selects. This can be the glass Mason jar. If you are a beginner in the world of candle making, then you can prefer to make this type of candle.


Floating candles are the most famous type of candles used by the people during Diwali for the decoration purpose special on the rangolis. These are the candles that float in water in general. They are made to swim, so they have a round or tapered base.

Specialty candles

These are the kind of the candles that are so-called novelty candles. They are known to have unique shapes that work as an attraction for the people. They are the latest version of the candle that people use. They are made in the forms like balls, pyramids, and carved shapes.

Hopefully, there are various types of candles available; for people. They can select the candle based on the occasion they wish to use the candle. If the candle is used on the right experience, then the overall look of the place will get improved.

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