Different types of Pokemon go accounts one can buy

For all you Pokemon lovers, there is a new craze on the market. Many people have attempted to convince me that it’s an addictive game teaching children how to walk. On the contrary, this game encourages people to go outside and exercise for no other reason than for personal enjoyment. There are many benefits of playing Pokemon Go, from making friends and meeting people outdoors in your community and getting regular exercise without additional effort. The only downside I’ve seen so far is difficulty tracking large groups of players or any map features such as gym locations or Pokestops. You can easily get Pokemon go accounts for sale from a suitable online platform.

The Pokemon genre of games is about to hit the mobile phone market in a big way once again with the release of Pokemon go. To get all the cards, Pokecoins and trainer tips that you need, you will have to buy one of three types of accounts.

For a basic account, 100 coins cost USD 1.99, while a monthly subscription costs USD 9.95 a month. For an upgraded account, 500 coins cost USD 5.99, while a monthly subscription costs $14.

Explanation of different pokemon goes accounts

  1. Bronze Pokemon GO Accounts:

A Bronze Pokemon GO account can be bought for just $1.99, and it has 100 Pokecoins in the store, which are enough to purchase 20 poke balls. The coins allow you to buy Pokeballs, Potions, Incense and more without having to wait in long lines. It also allows you to level up faster than playing from a new device or computer.

Several upgrades are available for this account, like adding 2500 Pokecoins for $9.95 or a monthly subscription for USD 4.95 a month, which will automatically give you 2500 coins every 30 days. Still, the bronze account is sufficient for all the basic needs of any Pokemon trainer.

  1. Silver Pokemon GO Accounts:

A Silver Pokemon GO account is much like a Bronze one, but it comes with 150 Pokecoins. This gives you the ability to buy 100 Pokeballs, 100 potions and 25 incense. The coins are available for USD 4.99 or $14.95 USD a month subscription.

  1. Gold Pokemon GO Accounts:

A Gold Pokemon GO account is completely different from the previous ones because it comes with 600 Pokecoins in its store along with 100 Incenses (to throw in at will), 120 Potions and 100 Pokeballs (to use when you need to catch those elusive Pokémon). The gold account costs $9.95 USD a month or $20.95 USD for a year-long subscription.

These accounts cost much more than the previous ones, but they come with all of the benefits of the previous ones. You can still buy incense, potions and pokeballs as you need them, but this will happen automatically. You can also level up and get stardust from capturing Pokemon from PokeStops so that you’ll be able to use it to evolve your Pokemon sooner.

So if you’re planning on getting the newest Pokemon game, or if you’re a newer player who hasn’t been using this game for very long and is just starting out.

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