What Should You Consider Before Using CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD oil or cannabis comes up with so many benefits that it is now getting popular to a great extent in the market. There is a requirement for natural healthcare of dogs, for which oil is considered one of the best choices. CBD for dogs helps treat the problems like anxiety, pain, arthritis, and inflammation. But all such benefits can be obtained only when you choose the best oil, which can be done by considering a few essential factors.

Check COA

COA stands for certificate of analysis, which gives the results of lab tests. It includes the THC amount in the product and lets you know whether the product you are using is safe. For dogs, it is recommended to have zero THC. Usually, three tests are conducted through which COA can be considered. The tests include –

  • Microbial test
  • Pesticides test
  • Heavy metals test

Select CBD Having No THC

CBD is a compound that is found in both hemp plants and cannabis. The elements cannot get you high due to the small percentage of THC included in them. Any amount of THC is considered to be harmful to dogs, and therefore it should be avoided. It can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other severe reactions. So make sure that you are choosing a product with no THC.

Don’t Use Hemp Oil

It would be best recommended not to use hemp oil for your dog. Often, it is seen that manufacturers label the products as hemp oil and explain it as beneficial for the dog’s health. Ensure to use hemp oil which consists of CBD in it. Hemp oil without CBD is recommended not to be used. If the oil contains CBD, then it is entirely acceptable for your dogs.

Select Broad Spectrum CBD

When you select broad-spectrum CBD, you will get isolated products that are highly helpful for dogs. The CBD oil consists of many natural cannabinoids which work amazingly for the overall health of the dogs. So when using the oil, look out for broad-spectrum CBD that gives effective results.

Check Dosage

Checking the dosage is one of the essential factors to consider while using the product. Before purchasing and using the product, ensure you know enough about the required information.

You should know how much dosage you should give to your dog for better results and to prevent the product’s side effects. The oil is assumed to be secure and safe and is proven to provide efficient results. as per research, and it is recommended that the dosage is based on the weight of the dogs, and it can be 2mg per one kg.

Final Words

Using CBD oil after considering all such important things is essential as it will give more effective results. You should consider the COA and buy CBD having a broad spectrum. When you look out for all such factors, you will be able to take your dog’s health to the next level and reduce so many health issues.

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