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Scan your extensions for known Adware, Malware, and Spyware. Install Extension Defender to protect your browser from unwanted apps.


Active Protection

Actively protects you and warns you before installing detected malicious extensions.

Live Updates

Signatures updated in real-time.


Get notified when Extension Defender finds an unwanted plugin.

Community Assisted

Extension Defender illicits the help of the web community to self-police extensions for unwanted behavior.

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Online Control Panel

Submit Suspicious Extensions

Users can submit suspicious extensions for a thorough review by a professional.

Feedback & Support

Submit feedback or get help via support.


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Protect Chrome. Install Extension Defender and stay protected.

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  • Active Protection
  • Live Signature Updates
  • Notifications
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  • Active Protection
  • Live Signature Updates
  • Notifications
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  • Active Protection
  • Live Signature Updates
  • Notifications
  • Options: Hidden Icon
  • Options: Forced Removal
  • Options: Custom Blacklisting
  • And much more...


"Very good! It immediately found Bookmark Sentry, Timestats and WebpageScreenshot as being malicious, and I know for certain that Bookmark Sentry is malware as when it's activated, it keeps trying to open pages linking to dodgy versions of Flash. Definitely worth an install!"
- Chrome Webstore

"Awesome!!! The Chrome browser in my Mac somehow got some malware in it for the first time in 2 years. AppleCare couldn't locate the origin. But I think that Jonathan H. got it because the problems began right after I downloaded BOOKMARK SENTRY, as well as HOVER ZOOM! I hope that that'll be the of that malware and that this extension will prevent any further!"
- Chrome Webstore

"I've had this extension for a while now, and it has successfully identified malicious add-ons/extensions that compromised my security."
- Chrome Webstore

"Works great to prevent malicious extensions - this is essentially an anti-malware extension to prevent bad behavior from other extensions. It's been added to my toolbox of security and privacy add-ons. I'd like to thank the developer of this extension for filling a much needed role in protecting Chrome from malicious extensions!"
- Chrome Webstore